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Slutty Babe Bailey

Bailey Blue is our latest chick and she’s done an amazing job blowing this guy’s hard cock. The curvy blonde saw him the other day wondering on the hallways of her building and offered her help. He was looking for her next door neighbor, but she wasn’t home. After she saw all of his luggage she invited him to her place to wait for her. She made some coffee and they started talking, they had all the time they needed because her neighbor was coming home only late in the night.

So jumping from one topic to another she found out that he was single and visiting his friend for the weekend. This was just perfect for her because he was hot, without any strings attached and she didn’t even had to talk with him afterwards or accidently bump into him. Her hand slowly slipped on his cock and in no time she started playing with it. The curvy blonde didn’t need to much to unbutton his jeans and from there everything was clear. The nasty babe started sucking off his cock and getting jizzed. If you want more hardcore scenes you must check out teeny black for more slutty teens in hot scenes. Enjoy it!

bailey blue

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